Future technology for education

Both training and learning are being improved by developments which are permitting more innovation to be used in everyday college lessons. A brand-new sensation, of ‘linked knowing’, is arising, which is requiring that students and students in every phase of their education, right to college, have greater technological know-how in order to have the ability to participate fully, and discover their full potential.

In response to this higher use of modern technology, numerous professionals claim that the values of the class of the future should alter, to come to be one where synergy and collective learning and sharing of encounters will certainly be essential.

The huge danger that many educators see of this drive to higher embracing of modern technology is that some pupils will merely released from exactly what is going on in the class.


Is it a good idea to combining finances when you get married?

I was reading a certain blog for other reasons and ran across their entry about whether married couples should combine finances. This is definitely an emotional issue and as a result, people become very opinionated about it. Predictably, I’m sure, I have my own opinions, and I thought I’d do better writing about them here than letting them get lost in someone else’s comments.

I am divorced, so obviously I have been married before. My experience then was that we combined our finances. We had a joint account, and when either of us got paid it went into that account. Now, after my son was born (I think; I don’t remember for sure), I began arranging for a percentage of my income to go to a savings account I had back home that had been open since I had started high school in 1992.

I got married in ‘01 and I think I started doing the savings thing in ‘01 or 03, so do the math. But I thought it would be stupid not to put any money away for a rainy day. No specific reason why, I just vaguely felt it was something I should do. WSe didn’t have it back in the day, but now students can easily compare their hourly pay to what that would mean in a full-time job.


Those Good Old Goals

So I found this post, over at Rare Bird Freelancer, very helpful. It just outlined how to go about getting out of my horrible little job, into something I chose for myself. The way she put things made everything tangible and possible, if approached step by step. I was also reminded – ah, that pesky business of goals. So necessary, and yet so difficult to peg down, because then you’re accountable. So, without further adieu, my goals for the remainder of the year.

– Post in my blog an average of three times a week. Be an excellent editor for the e-learning website
– Write my first set of three query letters
– Continue meeting with AT to develop screenplay at least twice a week
– Finish reading my new book about freelance writing
– Get business cards made up
– Finally settle on a domain, and snatch it up

I think all of this is attainable. Once August is finished, I’m going to review back on how well I did, and establish some long-term goals – most likely with vision of six months from then.


Beating the Crap Out of Your Muse

For awhile, I was writing for hours everyday. And I don’t mean, organizing my e-mail inbox, twittering, getting distracted by my stumble button … I mean full-fledged pounding away at the keys, replacing my keyboard at the end of every day. All because somebody had the hare-brained idea of daring me, saying I couldn’t do my writing in mittens.

Not really. But I am known throughout google for my rabbit mittens, as told to me several times now by Google Analytics. So, that ones for you Rabbit Mitten people.

Anyways, I would write up a storm. And then, I would have a moment of self-refection here and there. Sitting in a big comfy arm chair, scribbling in my notebook. On the skytrain, sunlight shooting through the window, broken into fragments, shrapnel, warming me up. I would write in my notebook “I never write anymore.” Yet, I was writing 3 hours a day, 4 hours, maybe even 6 hours once or twice. That’s nothing to shake a lobster at, right?


3 Reasons People Say Practice For Exams Sucks

I work with students who are preparing for the HSE exams and again and again, I hear them saying the practice for exam sucks. Sure, If they would like to be able to pass any exam without preparation but it’s not realistic. Here’s 3 reasons why students don’t like practice tests or any other form of preparing for their GED or TASC (New York State chose for the TASC to replace the GED) :

“It takes too much time!” Learning takes time. You have to learn every day on a consistent basis to get ready for the GED exam. The beauty of our GED practice website is that it basically spoon-feeds you the tools needed to do this, but all the tools in the world are useless when they’re not used! Learning requires work, but pays great dividends.

For that reason, it’s only going to work for those people dedicated to creating and implementing a rock solid plan for success. The person who approaches this as another “nice thing to do” will probably fold when the going gets tough….and quite possibly say, “I tried to pass the GED….it sucks!”

“It’s Too Expensive” What? Compared to what? Not getting work you deserved is expensive. Sure, you’ll spend some money on GED preparation at other places maybe, but our prep resources are free! Sure, the test is not, but you have to ask yourself the following questions about your business: (more…)

Lessons learned from Soulja Boy – He is a genius

Innovation is the only way to move forward and carry an idea into the future. Every now and then we have some people that come expand on a concept in a way we had never thought before. The world is filled with examples of this with such innovations like the: airplane, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, etc. But the innovation I want to talk about is an innovation in Internet Marketing. It is not so much the innovation I will talk about but the innovator.

That innovator happens to be Soulja Boy Tell’em. Now although I do not feel I need to explain myself to you all I will still tell you what I admire about him. This man is a great example to look at when studying online marketing. He built a fan base for his blog/sites that most webmasters will NEVER accomplish. And he did it BEFORE he even graduated high school.

He then took his internet prowess and celebrity and turned it into a very lucrative recording career. I may not respect the guys’ music, but I have to respect his success. Especially success within a niche that I am in and from somebody still in high school, that is pretty amazing to me.


How Can I Attract More Readers to My Site?

That’s, like, the biggest question every hopeful internet mogul asks. More visitors equals more customers/ad clicks. More of that stuff means lots more money, so, yeah, visitors are probably the most important aspect for any internet business. Except they’re not.


I’ve failed miserably multiple times at making a living on the internet. This is important because one of those miserable failures bankrupted me and taught me the very hard lesson that visitors don’t matter as much as you think. See, what had happened was . . . I decided to try my hand at Google Adwords – thinking, like most internet wannabes, that visitors were the X factor I was missing.

Buy eyeballs on my pages and (so long as my commissions paid more than my ad buys) I would profit big. Let me just tell you how fast I lost money using that strategy . . . Fucking FAST. It was right about that time (you know, while having panic attacks over my credit card bill) that I realized that all visitors are not created equal. But even that’s not quite right. It’s not that all visitors aren’t created equal, it’s that


I am a hopeless word lover

If you know me, then you certainly know, too, that I am a hopeless word lover; I drown myself in words. I collect quotes & I copy beloved poems by beloved poets, living and dead, into my own personal notebook, so I can have the most lovely of lovely words close at hand any time, I use my quotes at work, when I blog and even used them when I have recently taken the aptitude test.

Many of you are certainly familiar with Albert Camus‘s quote: “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was, in me, an invincible summer.” 

So, as a woman with a stack of notebooks filled with beautiful words, how did I choose Camus’s quote to influence my blog and (dare I say it?) my “brand?” Long ago, I made the quote into a kind of personal mantra–the mantra for the hardest times, the darkest times.


If It Weren’t For Bad Luck, I’d Have No Luck At All

I was on my way home from a hard day of learning for my GED in the library
. I was tired.  All I could think about was getting home, taking a shower and a nap. I pulled up to the stoplight at a busy intersection and sat about two cars back in the far right lane. I stared at the red light, kind of zoning out while I waited for it to turn green. Suddenly I heard a loud crash and looked into the intersection only to see a big white truck careening straight towards me. All I remember was crying out, “Oh God, no!” and then turning away, so as not to see the impact.

I heard the crunch of metal on metal as I was whipped sideways like a piece of cooked spaghetti. Someone helped me out of my totaled car, which was now sitting between the sidewalk and a restaurant parking lot. I sat on the grass next to the sidewalk in shock as I surveyed the damage. The white truck had collided with another car in the intersection, then hit a SUV in the lane next to me before hitting my car. (more…)

I get it now

I wanted to call her today so badly.

I wanted it to be like all the other times I called her just to vent. She’d answer the phone and I’d tell her that I just wanted to bitch and she’d tell me to hold on while she got some fresh water and got comfy beside one of the dogs on the couch. And I’d hear the flick of her lighter and the sound of her inhaling that first drag and then she’d say, “There now. Okay, what’s up, chickie?” and I’d let loose and ramble on about all the stupid things that were pissing me off. And she’d listen and say all the right things and when I hung up the phone I’d feel like all was right with the world again.

I wanted to call her today so badly and tell her about the shiner Julia gave Oliver when she bashed him in the face with a plastic bowling pin this morning. I wanted to tell her about the fucking bitches that work at the cold deli at the grocery store and how every time I’m there they treat me like dog shit and make me feel guilty for having the audacity to have them cut me a half pound of roasted turkey breast and how I’m not going to shop there anymore, ever again, and how I got the store manager’s name and phone number so I can call him during his next shift and tell him why he is losing a longtime customer. I wanted to tell her how I try so hard to stay calm and keep my cool with Oliver but sometimes he is so difficult to deal with, and it overwhelms me, and how there are times when he’s screaming and kicking and hitting and I don’t know what the right thing is to do.